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Comet X Trailer 12m Cherry Picker


Cherry Picker - Towable




Petrol/AC bi energy





At just 3.1 metres long and weighing from only 1400kg ; this is probably the most compact trailer mounted cherry picker available in New Zealand.


The design philosophy was to allow maximum reach using the minimum of sensors and limit systems to provide high reliability. The Comet X Trailer needs no limits at all at full reach!Comet X Trailer Cherry Picker


  • Max Working height 13.5m

  • Max Lateral outreach 6 m

  • Basket floor 11.5 m

  • Capacity 200 Kg – 2 operators

  • Standard aluminum basket 1400x600x1100 mm

  • Auxiliary AC motor, can be used on AC power, Bi Energy AC & Engine Powered.

  • Hydraulic basket rotation 90°+90°

  • Stabilisation: n° 4 hydraulic outriggers

  • 270° rotation (some vehicles may require limiting)

  • 100% hydraulic controls in low pressure


  • There is no need of any limiting device for lateral outreach

  • Double pantograph to obtain an override height of 6 m

  • Telescopic boom

  • Articulated terminal boom “JIB” to reach even the most uncomfortable positions over roofs and balconies

  • 100% hydraulic controls with proportional system in low pressure to allow gradual and accurate movements, and long-lasting life to the platform with maintenance costs reduced at minimum

  • Rotating basket to be able to work in every position

  • Electric power socket 230 V in basket

  • Stop safety valves directly mounted on each hydraulic cylinder

Note: all out of petrol only so Auction is upgraded to a standard petrol/AC bi energy powered machine for price of single energy- For additional options; please enquire.

These are aged stock on clearance, 12 months parts only warranty.

Also available POA petrol/AC bi energy option with hydraulic driver unit.


Petrol/battery bi energy option with hydraulic driver unit

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