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Nifty HR21 4x4 Hybrid - 20.8m Articulated Boom Lift


Boom Lift - Articulating








The Nifty HeightRider 21 4x4 (HR21 4x4) self-propelled boom lift will lift two people and their tools to a working height of 20.8m or a working outreach of 13m.

Proportional controls deliver smooth, measured operation while 160º cage rotation and a 150º fly-boom allow precise positioning anywhere in its vast working envelope.

Weighing just 6,680kg, the HR21 4x4 combines innovative weight and space-saving design with an excellent turning circle to deliver outstanding manoeuvrability on-site and lower transportation costs.

The HR21 4x4's 1.8m wide ToughCage offers more space for materials and tools, and the tough, impact-resistant composite base and larger cross-section steel rails of the ToughCage also give additional strength and durability, while the multi-award-winning SiOPS® provides additional operator protection.

This Hybrid option incorporates a smaller, power-optimised EU Stage V compliant engine supported by the machine's battery pack for when extra power is needed. This maintains power and performance while reducing fuel consumption for maximum efficiency. In addition to a plug-in mains charger, an innovative 'Diesel Re-Gen' feature also recharges the batteries without a mains power source, giving a 'fast charge' whenever the machine is idle and the engine running. In addition, an electric-only mode allows zero-emission operation, making it ideal for indoor use or quiet, clean operation.

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  • Working Height: 20.8m

  • Platform Height: 18.8m

  • Horizontal Reach: 13m

  • Platform Size: 1.8m x 0.8m

  • SWL: 250kg

  • Stowed Width: 2.27m

  • Stowed Height: 2.18m

  • Stowed Length: 5.47m

  • Weight: 6680kg


Power Source: 

  • Bi-Energy Hybrid - Diesel/Battery 


Standard features:        

  • 4x4        

  • Telescopic upper boom        

  • 150° fly-boom         

  • 160° cage rotation        

  • 45% Gradeability        

  • Toughcage        

  • SiOPS safety system        

  • Niftylink telematics        

Contact either: Craig 021 397 320 or Rob 021 397 349

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