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Nifty HR28 4x4 Hybrid - 28m Articulated Boom Lift


Boom Lift - Articulating








The Nifty HeightRider 28 (HR28) 4x4 represents the forefront of Nifty's innovative environmentally conscious work platforms. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge power-source technology with efficient four-wheel drive capability, the HR28 4x4 sets a new standard for performance within a compact, lightweight design.

Compared to its counterparts, the HR28 4x4 boasts significantly reduced weight and a smaller footprint, along with a minimized tail swing. These features, combined with its exceptional manoeuvrability, empower the HR28 to operate in diverse locations inaccessible to larger competitors, all while offering more economical transportation solutions

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  • Working Height: 28m

  • Platform Height: 26m

  • Horizontal Reach: 19m

  • Platform Size: 2.4m x 0.9m

  • SWL: 280kg

  • Stowed Width: 2.49m

  • Stowed Height: 2.70m

  • Stowed Length: 7.30m

  • Weight: 14380kg


Power Source: 

  • Bi-Energy Hybrid - Diesel/Battery 


Standard features:        

  • 4x4                

  • 150° fly-boom         

  • 180° cage rotation        

  • 40% Gradeability        

  • Toughcage        

  • SiOPS safety system        

  • Niftylink telematics        

Contact either: Craig 021 397 320 or Rob 021 397 349

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